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GB Series

· Multi-purpose machines
· Cold box core hardening
· Shooting capacity: from 20 to 80 liters
· Vertical, horizontal and mixed core box
· Core box dimensions:
from 600x600 mm h=600 mm
to 1000x1000 mm h=1250 mm
· Rapid tooling equipment
· Automatic core box cleaning
· Automatic lubrication
· Hydraulic proportional system

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Core shooters - GB Series - Description
Our GB model is the best for flexibility, easy use, high production performance.
GB is compact, strong, fast and produces high volume of foundry cores.
It is the best choise with no compromise of a complete and safe product.
Multi-purpose machine for vertical, mixed and horizontal split core boxes.
Easy use with rapid tooling.
The machine is suitable for core handling by means of manipulator or robot.
Core shooters - GB Series - Data
Shoot 20 liters 30/40 liters
Hopper 80 liters 100 liters
Time cycle 20 sec. 24 sec.
Power hydraulic hydraulic
Core box thickness 180 + 180 mm 200 + 200 mm
Core box depth 600 mm 600 mm
Core box height 600 mm 800 mm
Shooting area 400 x 600 mm 500 x 800 mm
Gassing area 500 x 600 mm 700 x 800 mm
Clamping space 700 mm 900 mm
Clamp cylinder stroke 300 mm 350 mm
Closing strenght 5000 kg 7000 kg
Closing strenght head 10000 kg 15000 kg
Core shooters - GB Series - Standard version
- clamping device with linear transducer
- oleodinamic proportional system
- cylinder with closing pressure up to 200 bar
- core box transfert system
- lifting cope system for 3rd dimension
- automatic core ejection systems
- low maintenance shooting system
- sand probe for shooting system
- lubrification system
- Operator console with touch screen panel
- Air blowing system to clean the boxes
Core shooters - GB Series - Optionals
- additional core box dimension (4th and 5th dimensions)
- rapid tooling system
- Software with core boxes data storage
- integreted gas generator (standard gas generator, heather 80°C)
- integrated High Performance gas generator (heather 120°C)
- Release liquid system (storage and dosing)
Core shooters - GB Series - Video
Start-up and testing in our factory
Core shooters - GB Series - Machine details
- mobile shooting head

- Hydraulic group


- clamp with support


- Hydraulic plant

Version with movable clamp plane rotate 90°, external stripping of cores
Version with movable clamp plane rotate 90°, external stripping of cores


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