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· Precise dosing system
· Short gassing times
· Fast machine cycle times
· Low amine consumption
· Low-wear pump design
· Easy use
· Great performance
· Safe
· Cheap


· Cold box
· Betaset
· Isoset


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Core Hardening - Description
Gas generators have compact construction and low space is required next to core shooter.

Electrical panel, pmeumatical panel and heater are separated.
Our gas generator are made with hydraulic pipes in the purging air line and in amine line. Filter protection for dosing system.
Metallic external seals for amine line into the haeter, no amine leak.
Amine is pre-dosed in a heated pipe by magnetically driven pump; amine becomes gaseous for the cores' hardening.
Faster core Hardening. Metallic external seals for amine line into the haeter, no amine leak.
These Characteristics guarantee durability and safety over time.

The gas generator can be connected to the machine directly or fited with own PLC.

in the beta-set method the metering pump does metilformiate in the purging air line and at the same time purging air is the transporting veicle

SO2 is heated in delivery heating tank and dosed via a time in the purging air line. The purging air is heated at 90°C to wash the cores.

Core Hardening - Data
Dosing range 0-100 cc / /
Dosing method pump pump pump
Dosing setting via time via time via time
Tank 10 liters 50 liters /
Heather 6 - 12 kw 6 kw 6 kw
Temperature 90 - 120 °C 90 °C 40 °C
Connection 1'' 1'' 1/2''
Core hardening - Advantage
- dosing accuracy
- low catalyst consumption
- fast
- no maintenance
- stainless steel amine storage tank
- tank with visual probe; optional, tank level control with probe
- easy access to components
- safe
- certified
- easy use
Core hardening - Other
- catalyst storage system
- catalyst distribution system
- heather for CO2 hardening process
Core hardening - Machine details
- electrical cabinet for single unit gas generator


- pump


- stainless steel tank


- single unit gas generator


- gas generator integrated



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We supply our customers with technical advice, then we supply them with efficent installation and start-up for the machine. We supply them also with training sessions, so that the workers can learn how to use our machines.
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