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Automatic System
Prinsid Automatic Foundry Pouring System: quality and technology meet in an high-performance machine ranging from 150 to 1500 kg. For aluminium, cast iron and steel.

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Automatic Pouring Machines
PRINSID’S auto-casting system can increase industrial automation and productivity within your foundry. Here is the list of the main features regarding our casting system:

the automatic pouring system is usually produced with ladles ranging from 150 to 1500 kg.

an industrial PC on board controls all the functions of the machine. The operator on board acts as supervisor while the machine automatically performs all the movements.

Fixed casting point:
the casting point remains fixed throughout the whole stage of casting. This point can be set by the control panel, according to our customer’s requests.

Weighing system:
the machine is equipped with weight-cells to pour the right quantity of molten metal. The machine has a highly precise weighing control system.

The controls:
the controls are easy to use and ergonomic. The worker stands in the box, is safe and is able to control every part of the pouring system. The box can be equipped with air conditioning system.

Casting speed:
the machine can regulate the casting speed in terms of kg/sec.

Minimum encumbrance:
the ladle protrudes from the automatic pouring machine. Neither pivots nor bearing piles interfere with the possible positions of the spout over the casting box.

Very good visibility:
the automatic pouring system is equipped with wide and oriented glasses: they let the worker have full visibility towards the casting point.

every part is designed so that each component complies with safety measures and rules.

Easy to use:
the controls are intuitive: they can be learnt and used easily.

The ladle:
the ladle is produced in a shape which is suitable even for spheroidization. The ladle can be moved also by either forklift truck or gantry crane.

The spout of the ladle:
the spout of the ladle is drawn and produced according to our customer’s requests. Our ladles can have an additional spout which is opposite the first one; the additional spout is useful for scorification process.

The top of the ladle:
according to our customer’s request, the ladle can be equipped with a top, so that the temperature is kept constant.

Ladle exchanging:
the machine can be coupled with our automatic ladle exchanging system. The machine leaves the empty ladle on a revolving station and takes a new ladle in a very short time.

Ladle preheating:
a special preheating system can be installed on the revolving exchanging station.

according to our customer’s request, the machine can be equipped with a pyrometer or a thermocamera.

the machine can be equipped with an inoculation micro-dosing system. The inoculation of the material starts and stops automatically while the machine is pouring.

Interfacing with the existing line:
the machine can easily be interfaced with forming machine or forming line for data exchanging. The machine can learn automatically from the forming machine which kind of mould is going to be poured.

Auto Pouring System - Video
Working machine
Auto Pouring System - Optionals
- weighing system
- flow amount control
- cover for the ladle
- brushless motor for translation
- air conditioning
Auto Pouring System - Pictures



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