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Good grounds for
choosing PRINDIS ladles

Self-straightening: the ladle tends to go back to vertical position by itself thanks to safety barycentre.

CAD and FEM design and
structural analysis

Bolted, removable and
replaceable pivots

Options: electrical / pneumatic motor

Reinforced structural work both
for the ladle and the framework

Little strenght required while casting

Automatic pouring machines
Ranging from 150 to 1500 kg and more
Complete ladles range
Transport and treatment ladles
Special and custom-made ladles
Drum ladles, special designed ladles


  The Company
The company was born in 1981 thanks to the expertise its founder gained in one of the most important Italian foundries. From its foundation on, P.C.M. has taken its place among the most important manufacturing industries as to equipments and machinery for foundry.
We supply our customers with technical advice, then we supply them with efficent installation and start-up for the machine. We supply them also with training sessions, so that the workers can learn how to use our machines.
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